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Accura Ortho Clinic in Omr, Chennai - Our motto is to provide you with excellent ortho care treatment with convenient consulting fees and benefits with affordability in orthopaedic treatment. Our Ortho Doctors in Omr Chennai are highly experienced and our treatment is top quality of ortho care. We ensure pain-free mobility using the latest techniques and advanced research in Orthopedic pain management and surgeries.
We provide quality orthopaedic health care services to meet the patient's requirements. We believe in working with your family as an orthopaedic doctor to make sure the treatment and recovery. Accura Ortho Care Clinic has Ortho Specialists in Omr, Chennai who can provide the best treatment for your knee pain. Hence request the patients to contact the clinic for all ortho speciality appointments. Ortho Clinic in Omr, Ortho Hospital in Omr, Ortho Specialists in Omr, Ortho Doctor in Omr - Call now: +91 9840366076 Our Ortho Helpline Mail Us @ drnsselvam@gmail.com

Dr.Selvam D.Ortho, fros. USA, Fios. Germany

Dr.Selvam is an orthopedic surgeon trained extensively in the field of Fracture fixation & replacement surgeries at premier institutes like st.Luke the medical center in Chicago, USA, and University of Munster, Germany.
He is an expert in advanced surgical procedures in fracture fixation and Replacement surgeries utilizing the latest technologies. He focuses on fixing Complicated fractures and minimally invasive replacement procedures in hip & knee.
Doctor encourages the patients in a decision-making process. Each step of the Treatment and surgical options (if necessary) are discussed in depth with the Patients. The patients are advised to feel free to ask any questions regarding Their orthopedic problem.


The Centre Focuses On Common Orthopaedic Problems Like Knee And Spine Disorders. To Detect The Disease Early And Treat It With Appropriate Method Of Treatments.

Day Care Procedures Are Performed On Day Care Basis. So Patient, Can Return Home On The Same Day And Continue Day To Day Activities. Procedures Include: Injection In Joints, Small Surgeries For Swellings And Suturing Of Wounds. Safety And Comfort Of The Patinet Are Ensured.


Our Goal In Pain Management Is To Give Non Surgical Treatments Like Injections, Ultra Sonic Therapy, Left, Traction To The Back And Neck And Taping. Patients Who Want To Avoid Surgeries In The Spine And Knee Replacement Can Be Benefited With Our Pain Management Therapy.

Pain Is Of 2 Types, Acute, And Chronic. Accute Pain Is Sudden, Severe And Mostly Occurs In The Neck And Low Back Areas. Chronic Pain Is A Prolonged Pain And Gradually Increases With Time And Occurs Mosty In The Shoulder, Wrist, knees, And Heel. We Analyse The Severity And Provide The Appropriate Treatment While You Are Explained About It.


Our Physiotherapist Ms.Archana Nandagopal (BPT) has an experience at various renowned Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres. She is well trained in Pain management and manipulative therapy.

We Offer Physiotherapy Care To Various Orthopaedic Problems Especially To Neck, Shoulder, Lower Back, Knees And Heels. Postoperative Rehabilitation For Knee Replacements, Ligament Injuries, And Fracture Fixation Are Also Taken Care of. Different Techniques (Manual And Manipulative), Knee Taping, Strengthening Programmes Are Also Provided.

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